roommate slamming the door and tutting loudly like the world has already screwed her over at 10 am listen just go with the flow hun there’s no reason to be uncool relax have a dorite

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i am not against the concept of weekend late breakfast, which people of all freedoms & hues should enjoy


-plays Blunts as a lullaby before i fall asleep-


Alex performing at a small wedding last Saturday

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Untitled (Perfect Lovers) 1991. Clocks, paint on wall.

Untitled (Perfect Lovers) consists of two clocks, which start in synchronisation, and slowly, inevitably fall out of time due to the failure of the batteries and the nature of the mechanism. In a moving comment on his personal experiences, the piece refers to Gonzalez-Torres’ HIV positive partner Ross Laycock, and his slow decline and inevitable death due to AIDS. The clocks act as two mechanical heartbeats; representative of two lives destined to fall out of sync, and holds a poignant poetry about personal loss and the temporal nature of life.

Don’t be afraid of the clocks, they are our time, time has been so generous to us…We conquered fate by meeting at a certain time in a certain space…we are synchronized, now forever. I love you.”

this is one of my favorite works ever

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Vaintas (detail) by Leo Putz (1869-1940)

oil on canvas, 1896

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This apartment tour makes me so positive & peaceful!
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